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Slate Please!

Ashley Skomurski, Julie Arvedon Knowlton and Aaron Kahl welcome you to Slate Casting!  If you are talent or you are looking for talent, Slate is your place! 

Slate Casting specializes in full service union and non-union casting for industrials, commercials, films, live events, voiceovers, web videos, theater, print, real people, and any other project that requires talent. With over 25 years of casting experience in the Boston market, Slate casting directors Ashley Skomurski, Julie Arvedon Knowlton, and Aaron Kahl deliver the personalized service, expertise, ingenuity and creativity needed to find the right talent for your project.  Utilizing a dynamic casting database, Slate Casting provides clients and talent with a cutting edge tool to make the casting experience a success from slate to scene. 

Ashley Skomurski and Julie Arvedon-Knowlton, top casting directors in Boston with over 25 years experience casting in the Boston area. 

Ashley Skomurski

Ashley is a red head whose special skills include marathon running, paddle boarding, and yoga.  But casting tops her list of expertise!  Working in the casting industry in Boston since 2008, Ashley's credits include a long list of feature films, commercials, industrials and real people casting.  She has worked with a number of clients on commercial projects such as Volkswagen, Pinnacle Golf, LL Bean, Hasbro, Toyota, T.J. Maxx, Poland Springs and many more.  Ashley's film and television credits include casting director for the upcoming Super Troopers 2 as well as casting associate for many films in the Boston area.  You can see her full list of credits by heading over to her IMDB Page.


Julie Arvedon Knowlton

When you work in the casting, publicity, marketing, and video production industries in Boston for over 25 years- you get to know a lot of people.  And Julie loves people!  As a casting director, she specializes in the corporate industrial market and voice over casting.  In addition to casting, Julie handles publicity for Slate Casting and several area theater companies, and she is the past president of the International Television Association, Julie has taught on-camera acting at Salem State University, and she has affiliations with Boston Women Communicators and SpeakEasy Stage Company. 




(617) 932-7576



Auditions at Motion Cyc Studio

162 Columbus Ave
Boston MA 02116        




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"I have worked with Julie & Ashley on dozens of projects over the years.  Their casting work is superb and I am very excited that they are joining forces."

-Richard Tilkin
Creative Director,
Boston Digital Productions

Ashley Skomurski Boston casting director casting films, television, movies
Julie Arvedon Knowlton, Boston casting director, casting film, television, industrials, more

Aaron Kahl

With an MFA in film from Boston University, Aaron began his career in production working on documentaries, but quickly learned he liked actors a lot more than interview subjects and made the jump into casting. Aaron served as an extras casting director for several years before transitioning into principals casting, working on regional and national commercials, web spots, industrials, and feature films. With two small children of his own, Aaron is well accustomed to kids casting. His recent feature credits include associate work on Ted 2, Purge: Election Day, Central Intelligence, and the upcoming Bleed For This, and Patriots Day.



Full Service Casting for Every Project
Client Contact 617-932-7576 ext. 103
Ashley@Slatecasting.com, Julie@Slatecasting.com, or Aaron@Slatecasting.com

Film & Television
Real People Casting
Independent & Student Films

For all Casting- Clients will receive digital link with audition video, headshots and resumes immediately following the session



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Slate Casting Offering Classes!

Whether you're just getting into the industry, a seasoned professional actor or a parent looking to help their kids get to the next level, Slate Casting offers a range of classes for both kids and adults. Check out the schedule below, then click the button to register! 

 On-Camera Auditioning for Kids

Ages 8-12

Instructor: Ashley Skomurski, Casting Director, Slate Casting

Whether your child is just starting to peak an interest in acting or they have been at it for years, the art of the audition is a vital component to being a great actor!  Casting Director Ashley Skomurski has run hundreds of auditions and has years of experience teaching children the art of auditioning to get them closer to booking the job!  This one-day workshop will focus on all aspects of auditioning for the camera.  Starting with the basics of audition room etiquette, the class will move through slating, delivering a read, taking direction and making adjustments.  Kids will practice with commercial, television and film copy that is age appropriate and inline with what they might actually audition.  After the class, parents will receive a link with the videos of what each young actor worked on that day.  At the end of the workshop, the students will provide a brief presentation of their favorite audition piece, as well as a Q & A for parents with Ashley.

Saturday August 19th


Rate: $79

Slate Casting- On-Camera Auditioning for Teens

Ages 13-17

Being a teen actor is a tricky place to be!  The competition starts to get pretty serious with so many young talented teen performers and delivering a memorable audition is so very important!  Casting Director Ashley Skomurski has worked with hundreds of teens to teach them the art of walking into the audition room confident, starting off with a great slate and captivating the casting director's attention with an awesome audition.  Teens will have the opportunity to focus on auditioning for commercial, industrial, film and television work in this workshop.  All actors' performances will be filmed and sent by email following the workshop so students can continue learning from what they learned throughout the class.  There will be a presentation of their best audition pieces for the parents in the last half hour of class, as well as a Q&A with Ashley on the insider scoop to acting in New England.




Rate: $99

Before the Slate:  Everything you need to know about becoming an actor in Boston- before your first audition

Instructor:  Julie Arvedon Knowlton, Casting Director, Slate Casting

Interested in learning how to become an actor in Boston?  Whether it’s on your bucket list, or you have a child who is really interested in performing, or it’s a passion you want to pursue in your spare time, ‘Before the Slate’ will provide you with the inside scoop on everything you need to know to get started and be prepared for your first audition.  From essential tools of the trade (resumes, headshots, classes, industry lingo, and more!), to finding auditions, to discovering what makes you stand out in the industry- we will help you navigate the Boston on-camera and theater scene and help give you the confidence to pursue what you love!  At the end of class, you will leave with The Slate List- a must have resource that will prepare you for that moment when you hear, “Slate, please!”.  Open to all ages and to parents/guardians who are looking for guidance for their children.

Wednesday, August 23

6 pm -9 pm

Rate:  $99

On Camera Acting Technique for Adults

Instructor:  Aaron Kahl, Casting Director, Slate Casting

Casting Director Aaron Kahl demystifies the audition room to help you give your best read and better your chances for booking the job. Drawing on his experience from running hundreds of auditions for commercials and films, Aaron will expose the real process behind casting,  including what clients and casting directors are looking for in talent as well as common mistakes actors should avoid. The class is open to all levels, from beginner to advanced. You'll find out what casting directors are really looking for and you'll learn the process behind client requests for talent and the decision process.  Get the inside scoop on common mistakes actors should avoid, and perform mock auditions for commercial, industrial, film and television.  Actors will receive a link with the videos of the mock auditions, and you'll have the opportunity for a Q&A with Aaron, so bring all your questions!

Tuesday, July 25th

6 pm - 9 pm

Rate:  $99


Main Line: (617) 932-7576

Marketing/Public Relations:  (617) 932-7590

Ashley Skomurski:  Ashley@SlateCasting.com

Julie Arvedon Knowlton:  Julie@SlateCasting.com

Aaron Kahl: Aaron@SlateCasting.com

162 Columbus Ave, Boston MA 02116