Giving Thanks to 2017

It’s hard to believe 2018 is right around the corner. I feel like it was just yesterday that Ashley,
Aaron and I were mapping out our plans for 2017 and making our resolutions for the new year.
As I look back at 2017, there is so much to be thankful for… here are some of the highlights!
In 2017, I was thankful for:
- Every actor who arrived at their scheduled time for an audition. Ashley, Aaron and I
have tried so hard to stick to a schedule so that no one has to wait. Amazingly by
keeping to a schedule, sessions run so much smoother and stay on time. Of course
there are always exceptions (and we take full responsibility), but overall, if actors come
at their assigned times, they’ll be in and out before they have to feed their meters!
- Every actor who brings a headshot to their audition. I love it when an actor asks if we
need a headshot at the audition. We’ll let you know if we don’t need one that day. We
often do need your headshot, especially if a client is in the studio. Clients love looking at
headshots- they want to see what you’ve been up to, what special skills you have, who
you’ve worked with. And countless times after a session is over, the client will pin
headshots up on the cork board to mix and match people. You want to be sure you’re
up on the board!
- Every actor who had their very first audition at Slate Casting. Starting out in this
business isn’t easy, but we hope we make it a good experience. When we hear “this is
my first audition,” and the actor nails it- wow, that feels great!
- Nicely done self tapes. We all know it’s so much better when actors are in the studio
with us for an audition, but sometimes that’s just not possible. When an actor sends us
a self tape with a plain background, decent audio, and it’s sent it in time to include with
all the other auditions, we are very thankful!
- All the kids who auditioned and made us laugh! We should really write a book with all
the things that have been said by our littlest actors during auditions. It’s hilarious. It
makes us realize just how fun our jobs are and to see the kids having so much fun makes
it all worth it.
- Bacon.
- All the dogs, cats, horses and bunnies who are now part of our Set Pets Division. Still
waiting for an Alpaca, but I’m sure it won’t be long (anyone have one??).
- All the ‘Real People’ who welcomed Slate into their homes and lives for an opportunity
to be part of a project. We had the most incredible experiences interviewing people
from all walks of life from Boston to Bangor to the Berkshires. Their passion,
enthusiasm and willingness to try something completely out of their comfort zone made
such an impression on all of us. Thank you.
- All our clients who trusted us with their projects. We had a blast working with all of you
on so many interesting projects. Thank you for hiring us and for hiring so many talented
local actors.
- My real family- My hubby Scott, my kids Aedan and Neve, and my pooches Brewster,
Bode and Moseley. They know why I’m thanking them .

- My Slate family- Molly, Marina, George, Eddie, Emily, Floris, Kim, Olivia, and so many
other amazing people who have worked with us behind the scenes. You deserve the
brightest spotlight!
And finally, I’m most thankful for….
- Ashley and Aaron. I don’t have enough space to write how thankful I am for the very
best partners and casting directors in the world.
So, here’s to an amazing 2017 and what I hope will be an even more incredible 2018!
From all of us at Slate Casting, Happy New Year and see you next year!