Happy B-Day Blog

How does it feel to be 1 year old?  On one hand it feels like we just launched Slate, but on the other hand, it feels like 7 dog years- ha ha!  The year has flown, but I feel like Ashley, Aaron and I have experienced and accomplished what we never thought possible in 12 months.  Where has the time gone?

I still get the chills when I hear someone say “I went to Slate Casting today”-  wow.  We didn’t exist 13 months ago and now we’ve had the privilege of working with hundreds (thousands!) of incredible actors and ‘real people’ (if you want the inside scoop on Real People casting, see Ashley’s recent blog).  There’s nothing better than watching TV and seeing a commercial with people we know- love that feeling!  We have met so many new faces and have shared the studio with so many old friends in the biz- and everyone has played an important role in Slate’s first year of development- thank you!

To celebrate our big b-day, Ashley, Aaron and I had a birthday lunch (complete with party hats that no one even noticed at the restaurant- that cracked us up!) and then we decided to take some first-year photos.  We didn’t exactly prop ourselves up on a couch like most 1-year old baby photos with a big “I’m 1!” sign, but we did do the next best thing.  We hijacked a shopping cart and promptly put Ashley inside and Aaron and I ran down a hill with Ashley in it!  It was hilarious! Not to miss out on the fun, Aaron also took a turn while Ashley and I took turns steering and braking.  We were totally acting like 1-year olds and it was a total blast.  It kind of summed up who we are and what we wanted our company to be like.  Fun, lighthearted (we’re not doing brain surgery) and friendly.   We hope it shows when you walk into Slate- that’s our goal.

I wish we had made predictions on the eve of our opening on May 2, 2016.  Instead, I’ll make predictions for our 2nd year and you can be my witness.  Next year at this time we can revisit this list together and see how we did!

Julie’s Year 2 Predictions for Slate Casting:

  • We will need to order more Bacon Tape
  • We will meet hundreds of amazing actors and continue to help people build careers in Boston
  • We will keep our sense of humor and Aaron will continue to smile more
  • Ashley will trademark the phrase “I’m in the field”
  • Julie will continue to make a complete fool of herself on Instagram
  • We will never run out of lollipops
  • We will continue to make Slate a welcoming, inclusive and fun company to work with
  • We will eat cake and celebrate on May 2, 2018

So, hold me to it friends of Slate Casting.  Now it’s time to blow out our candle and make a wish.  I can’t say what my wish is, or it won’t come true. :)