Slate Turns 3!

It is hard to believe that three years ago, Julie and I sat in her kitchen, our fingers hovering nervously over the “publish” button on our brand new website. We were about to launch Slate Casting.  We had moved quick, like we do with most things (we tend to be a little over-eager), and had dreamt this company up just a couple months prior, and it was about to become real. We knew that as soon as we launched the website and Facebook page, a whole new world was going to open up, but we couldn’t have known just how big of an adventure it was going to be! Crazy to think that was three years ago!  Part of me thinks those years went by in the blink of an eye and the other part of me feels like Slate has been here forever.

We could not be more grateful for all the clients, actors, real people and extras that have grown Slate to be what it is.  While our immediate Slate Family consists of the five of us (Julie, Aaron, Molly, Marina, and me), each and every one of you has been an instrumental part in growing Slate to where it is today.  Each day we get to work in a career we love and bring our client’s visions to life with so many talented people. How lucky are we?

Over the past three years we have done hundreds and hundreds of auditions while casting for some super fun movies, tv shows, commercials, and even game shows! We’ve been challenged creatively and logistically, and met some incredible ‘real people’ who have opened up and shared their stories with us. We’ve definitely shed a few tears (extras casting haha), laughed a lot, and smiled every day.  Oh (and how can I forget)… we’ve gone through a TON of bacon tape ;) I know I speak for my colleagues when I say THANK YOU for making Slate what it is today!

Personally, I am in awe in how far Slate has come.  Three years ago Julie and I thought that we might do a few jobs a month; I never could have fathomed that we would be as busy as we are today, and no doubt with thanks to the fantastic team behind us.  Heck, we’ve taken our show on the road and done castings outside of Boston! Which led me to think… WE NEED TO CELEBRATE!! And since you’ve all been such an integral part of Slate’s success, we hope you’ll celebrate with us!  

On May 2nd, Slate officially turns three, and we are having a birthday party open house and invite each and every one of you to come and have some cake and say hello!  We are also going to use this opportunity to make sure we have all of your info! So while you’re celebrating, let us double check to make sure we have everything we need to call you in for the next project that you’re right for!  There will be music (maybe Aaron Kahl will do some dancing!), and a super fun photo station with lots of smiles and laughs to be had! Come on down to Motion Cyc Studio anytime between 3-7pm on Thursday, we would love to see you :)

Thanks for reading and, more importantly, thanks for being a part of our Slate Casting Community.  We look forward to many more years of hard work and fun doing what we love! Happy 3rd Birthday Slate, you’ve officially made it out of the Terrible 2’s :)