Welcome to the extras casting page for the series Castle Rock!  We are super excited to be working on this project and hope to make YOU a part of the action!!  Please see the below info that details all the information you need to submit to be a part of the project.


In order to submit for extra work on the show, you need to fill out the extras form below.  Once we receive your submission, we will be in touch via email if we have a scene you may be right for.    You should also send a RECENT PHOTO (not a headshot) to CastleRockExtras@Gmail.com.  If you are SAG-AFTRA, please put SAG Submission in the subject line and be sure to include your SAG-AFTRA ID Number!

Please fill out the extras submission form by CLICKING HERE


For any minors that want to be considered for work on the project, you also need to have the appropriate child labor form filled out.
Please download the form by CLICKING HERE and then email us the COMPLETED and SIGNED form to CastleRockMinors@Gmail.com.  This form needs to be completed and signed by a physician.  We can only accept THIS form for minors working on the show.  Your child will not be eligible to work as an extra until we have this form completed.


  • What is extra work?
    Extra work (also known as background work) is every person in the show that does not have a speaking line.  Extras are used to make the scene look real.  You can't make a movie or television show without them!  

  • How do I know that I've been chosen to be an extra?
    You will receive an email from us asking to "check your availability" for a specific scene.  If you respond by telling us you are available, you will receive further instructions on how and when you will receive your booking information.  Your booking information will come out the night before the shoot with your call time (what time you need to be on set), location (where to park and where to report) and wardrobe instructions (what you should wear and bring with you).

  • Do I get paid?
    Yes!  All extras in our show do get paid!  Non-union extras will make $11/hour and receive a check 2-4 weeks after you work.  In order to get paid, you need to make sure to bring 2 forms of ID with you to set- such as your social security card and license, passport or birth certificate.

  • How long will I be on set?
    Shoot days are typically around 12 hours for adults.  When you submit availability, you should be completely free as it will most likely be a long day!  Call times could be as early as 6am and wrap times can be as late as after midnight.

  • What should I expect on set?
    When you arrive you will checkin with a PA (production assistant) who will give you a form to fill out.  You then will hang out in what is called the "holding area" where you will await further instructions from the crew.  There is often a lot of waiting time, so we highly recommend bringing something to read or keep you occupied in the downtime.  That being said, we do not advise bringing anything of value, as you will have to leave all your belongings in the holding area while you are filming.

  • Should I bring food with me?
    No!  One of the best parts of being on set (in our opinion) is the food!  You will be provided with an awesome lunch and snacks throughout the day!

  • Will I get to meet the stars?
    When you are working on a project, it is important to remember that everyone else is there to work as well!  That includes the cast and crew.  We appreciate all our extras being as professional as possible by respecting the cast and crew and letting them do their work without interruption.

  • Can I take photos?
    That's a big no-no!  Pictures are not allowed on any set to protect the integrity of the project.  Background performers should not take photos or post to social-media about their experiences on set.  For any questions about press, please contact julie@slatecasting.com.