Advanced On-Camera Audition Intensive
(5 Weeks)

Sundays starting Jan 6th through Feb 3rd
Kids (ages 8-12) 10am-11:30

Instructor: Ashley Skomurski

Building on the foundations learned in the initial on-camera audition intensive class, students will work on advancing and refining their on-camera audition skills.  The class will cover advanced techniques for improv, commercial, voice-over and film/television auditions.  Using current scripts, young actors will get extensive hands-on practice through mock on-camera auditioning in an actual studio setting.  Class size is limited, so students receive significant one-on-one coaching.  A link with each week's work will be sent to parents so they can track their child's progress.  During our last class, students will do a live audition for parents.

*Students must have participated in a prior on-camera audition class or have approval from the instructor to participate* 

Rate: $299


On-Camera Auditioning for Kids
(One Day Workshop)

Kids (Ages 8-12) Sat Jan 26th 10am- 12pm

Instructor: Ashley Skomurski

Whether your child is just starting to peak an interest in acting or they have been at it for years, the art of the audition is a vital component to being a great actor!  Casting Director Ashley Skomurski has run hundreds of auditions and has years of experience teaching children the art of auditioning to get them closer to booking the job!  This one-day workshop will focus on all aspects of auditioning for the camera.  Starting with the basics of audition room etiquette, the class will move through slating, delivering a read, taking direction and making adjustments.  Kids will practice with commercial, television and film copy that is age appropriate and inline with what they might actually audition.  After the class, parents will receive a link with the videos of what each young actor worked on that day.  At the end of the workshop, the students will provide a brief presentation of their favorite audition piece, as well as a Q & A for parents with Ashley.

Rate: $79


Before the Slate:  Everything you need to know about becoming an actor in Boston- before your first audition

For Parents of Kids interested in learning more about the New England Market

Date TBD

Instructor: Julie Arvedon Knowlton

Interested in learning how to become an actor in Boston?  Whether it’s on your bucket list, or you have a child who is really interested in performing, or it’s a passion you want to pursue in your spare time, ‘Before the Slate’ will provide you with the inside scoop on everything you need to know to get started and be prepared for your first audition.  From essential tools of the trade (resumes, headshots, classes, industry lingo, and more!), to finding auditions, to discovering what makes you stand out in the industry- we will help you navigate the Boston on-camera and theater scene and help give you the confidence to pursue what you love!  At the end of class, you will leave with The Slate List- a must have resource that will prepare you for that moment when you hear, “Slate, please!”.  Open to all ages and to parents/guardians who are looking for guidance for their children.