Advanced On-Camera Audition Intensive
(5 Weeks)

Sundays starting Jan 6th through Feb 3rd
Teens (ages 13-17) 12-1:30

Instructor: Ashley Skomurski

Building on the foundations learned in the initial on-camera audition intensive class, students will work on advancing and refining their on-camera audition skills.  The class will cover advanced techniques for improv, commercial, voice-over and film/television auditions.  Using current scripts, young actors will get extensive hands-on practice through mock on-camera auditioning in an actual studio setting.  Class size is limited, so students receive significant one-on-one coaching.  A link with each week's work will be sent to parents so they can track their child's progress.  During our last class, students will do a live audition for parents.

*Students must have participated in a prior on-camera audition class or have approval from the instructor to participate* 

Rate: $299


Show, Don’t Tell!
Intro to Film Studies for Teens
(5 Weeks)

Sundays, Jan 6th-Feb 3rd: 2-4pm

Instructor: Molly Oliver

Movies: we all love 'em. Everyone has a movie close to their heart. You may have a story of your own you can't wait to share. But do you understand how to read a movie? How the choice of a lens can help your audience understand the viewpoint of its protagonist? How the composition in a shot can create a mood and tone for the scene? For any aspiring filmmaker it is important to first understand what visual storytelling is before creating your own. What sets film and television apart from any other medium and art?  With this five week class for teens 14-17, we will look at the foundations of visual storytelling and begin to understand the basics of the tools needed for it: from the script to the camera all while looking at some popular blockbusters as an example. You'll learn some of the important rules of filmmaking and how and when to break them. And finally we will look at why we want to share these stories with the world. To do that we must follow the golden rule:  show, don't tell!

Rate: $249


On-Camera Auditioning for Teens
(One Day Workshop)

Sat Jan 26th, 12:30pm- 3:30pm

Instructor: Ashley Skomurski

Being a teen actor is a tricky place to be!  The competition starts to get pretty serious with so many young talented teen performers and delivering a memorable audition is so very important!  Casting Director Ashley Skomurski has worked with hundreds of teens to teach them the art of walking into the audition room confident, starting off with a great slate and captivating the casting director's attention with an awesome audition.  Teens will have the opportunity to focus on auditioning for commercial, industrial, film and television work in this workshop.  All actors' performances will be filmed and sent by email following the workshop so students can continue learning from what they learned throughout the class.  There will be a presentation of their best audition pieces for the parents in the last half hour of class, as well as a Q&A with Ashley on the insider scoop to acting in New England.

Rate: $99