We are searching for a funny and entertaining HOST for a fun new digital series!

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if you have a star waiting to shine living in your house... here's their chance!

We are currently casting for a new digital series and looking for a child to HOST the series!  This is a huge opportunity and we want to hear from you!!  Please read all the instructions and information below in order to submit.  All submissions are due by Wednesday April 4th by 10am.

So What's The Deal?

  • This is an opportunity to audition to be the host of a new digital series!
  • We are looking for kids between the ages of 11-13 who are local to New England.  Unfortunately we cannot accept submissions outside of New England or outside of this age range.
  • We are looking for kids that are non-union (not part of SAG-AFTRA)
  • IF CAST- actor must be generally available and flexible throughout the month of April for filming in the Boston Area.  

Still Interested?  Here is how to be considered! 
You are going to create a self-taped audition, please follow the instructions very carefully!

  • Videos can be filmed using a phone or any easy video recording format.
  • Please make sure you film in a well-lit area that is quiet; we need to be able to see and hear you!
  • When you are done filming, upload your video and label the file with the actor's name.
  • Send us your video link INCLUDED in your email with your photo, resume and contact info (email and phone number).
  • Upload your video to Vimeo or YouTube.  Please be sure your video is set to PRIVATE and send us the link, with Vimeo you will need to send us a password as well.  
  • Please only send one email with the entire submission, we will not consider multiple emails with pieces of information.
  • All submissions should be sent to SlateKidsHost@Gmail.com


  • Start by saying your first and last name, how old you are and what city/state you live in.  Let us know if you also have an agent.
  • Now tell us a little bit about yourself:  What grade are you in?  Where do you go to school?  What do you like about school?  What do you do for fun?  If you could have a super power, what would it be and why? 
  • Tell us a funny story that happened to you!  Got any good jokes- give us one!
  • Think about this:  If you could host any kind of game show, that you completely made up, what would it be?  You're going to need that for the next part!  Also decide on someone to interview, maybe Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, Friend, Family Member- whoever you want that is willing to be on camera with you!
  • Please recite the following lines:  "Hi my name is ____________ (first name) and welcome to my game show _________ (come up with a name for your show)!  Today we are going to _____________ (describe what would happen on your show, it doesn't actually need to happen) and then have a one-on-one interview with _________ (person of your choosing).  Hope you're ready for an adventure because I sure am!
  • Interview Time!  Now bring that person on camera with you that you decided to interview!  Introduce them to us:  What's their name, how do you know them?  What do you like about them?  Is there anything silly about them you want to share?
  • Ask your interviewee the following questions:  What's your favorite food?  Where is the best place you've been on vacation?  What's an interesting fact about you?  After they answer these questions, if you have any comments or follow-up questions for them, let's hear it!
  • Now you're almost done- time for your sign off!  End your video with something memorable, come up with a fun sign-off!

**Please be sure to follow the instructions and submit your email with your VIDEO, PHOTO and CONTACT INFO**

Those selected will be contacted by email no later than Thursday April 5th about a callback audition.

No phone calls please.