Real People Casting

From Boston to the Bayou, Slate Casting specializes in Real People Casting.  Whether your project is based in New England or the Great Lakes, we are experts in finding the authentic people and unique types needed for your project.  Real People casting requires a knack for digging deep... and we consider ourselves archeologists in that arena ;)  Gloucester Fisherman, Texas Cowboys, Colorado Mountain Climbers and Dorothy in Kansas- you name it, we will find it!  Our Real People Casting Services provide personalized one-on-one interviews in studio, in people's homes, at specific work locations, on the street or in the field.  We provide exceptional on-location casting services for commercial, industrial, print and reality show projects.  

Some of our Real People Castings can be found in projects for: 

  • Volkswagen USA

  • Under Armour

  • Gatorade Endurance

  • Maine Tourism

  • Rockland Trust

  • People’s Bank

  • JetBlue

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield

  • Discovery Science- IBM

  • Oofos

  • Ultimate Tag


  • Poland Springs

  • Unum

  • Blue Bikes

  • SoClean

  • Maine Health

  • Middlesex Bank

If you have a real people project, we would love to work with you!
Ashley is just a click away and ready to dive in and find your perfect real people cast!

Check out some of our recent Real-People Casting Projects and we will see you in the field!

Slate Casting Real People Casting

Volkswagen USA

When the director asked for an Authentic Irish Grandmother with an Irish Brogue, we ended up at Marie Gallagher's house learning how she had actually driven across the country in a Volkswagen Bug in her 20s.  Her stories were incredible and her face told the story behind the story.

Slate Casting Real People Casting

ROCKland trust

Define Family and enter the Sullivan-Porcaro Family. We met so many amazing families throughout our search, but the these guys really touched our hearts and were perfect for a spot inspired and titled "Inspired by Great Relationships"